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MAISON LANCÔME: Les Eaux Grands Crus

Created in 2016, the Maison Lancôme collection pays tribute to the haute parfumerie savoir-faire that prompted the creation of the brand with the rose in 1935.

To celebrate this legacy, Maison Lancôme draws on the expertise of a whole team of artists and artisans, focused on a common creative theme: the art of assemblage.

With Les Eaux Grands Crus, Maison Lancôme explores new territory in scent, bringing you its own interpretation of freshness.

Oranges Bigarades, Iris Dragées, and Santal Kardamon are three Eau de Parfums

that enrich the collection with unexpected notes, as intoxicating, as they are refreshing.

From their very opening, they unfold in a scented freshness unlike anything before.

Addictive. Full of contrasts. Richly textured. Deep and luminous.

Price: 820 AED

Visual download link: https://we.tl/0y1h03NZza

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