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Manasseh introduces the new « Jeff Koons Balloon Animals » 2019 artworks by Bernardaud in Beirut.



Manasseh unveils in collaboration with Bernardaud, Jeff Koons’ Balloon Animals 2019 creations that you can, as of now, reserve in preview at Manasseh boutiques in Achrafieh, Downtown & Kaslik.

Born in 1955 in York, Pennsylvania, Jeff Koons is without question one of the most important living artists. He is among the few who successfully extract the essentials from avant-gardism, most notably Pop Art. In his hands, even the most familiar, everyday items transcend commonality to become true icons that manifest the essence of American popular culture. Yet on a broader scope, we are presented with positive messages of acceptance and humanity, themes which resonate universally. Koons works are exhibited throughout the world and are found in numerous public and private collections. The Bernardaud collection by Jeff Koons comprises the following pieces:

  • BALLOON SWAN (MAGENTA) Jeff Koons transforms a simple twisted balloon swan into a reflective porcelain limited edition, Balloon Swan (Magenta). The original Balloon Swan, 2004–2011, is a monumental sculpture, standing over 3 meters high, in mirror-polished stainless steel with transparent color coating in five unique versions: magenta, red, violet, blue, and yellow.
  • BALLOON MONKEY (ORANGE) Balloon Monkey (Orange), 2019, by Jeff Koons, is a limited edition that transforms a simple twisted rubber balloon monkey into porcelain. Seven years in the making, the original Balloon Monkey, 2006–2013, is 12 ½ feet long and weighs nearly five tons. The monumental sculpture is made from mirror-polished stainless steel finished with transparent color coating in five unique versions: blue, magenta, orange, red and yellow.
  • BALLOON RABBIT (VIOLET) Inspired by a twisted rubber balloon rabbit, Koons’s Balloon Rabbit (Violet), 2019, is a highly reflective porcelain limited edition. The original Balloon Rabbit, 2005–2010, a three-ton sculpture, standing over four meters high was made from mirror-polished stainless steel with transparent color coating in five unique versions: blue, magenta, violet, red and yellow.


Main stores in Lebanon: Achrafieh 01 218 555 – Downtown 01 991 177 – Kaslik 09 640 019.


Website: www.manasseh.com.lb  – Social Media: Facebook and Instagram @ManassehLebanon

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