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Max Factor is dedicated to providing everyday beauty solutions to enhance and boost every woman’s appearance and confidence in herself. The brand aims to empower women to create their own stories on a daily basis.

For the occasion of Eid Al Fitr, Max Factor Arabia is launching their new Eid Makeup look with Mahira Abdelaziz as the face of the new campaign, featuring the new Voluptuous Extreme Black Mascara as well as a curated selection of products designed to suit the modern Middle Eastern Woman during this celebratory season. Now, women across the region are equipped with the right tools and products to create an enchanting yet natural makeup look that focuses on enhancing, defining and opening up their eyes.

The Voluptuous Extreme Black Mascara:

The revolutionized Voluptuous Extreme Black Mascara noticeably improves lashes to appear both longer and thicker with a quick swipe of the mascara wand. Users have reported many benefits, which include:

  • A darker, more intense look due to the Extra Black pigment
  • More lash lift and up to 5 times more volume
  • Even lash coating thanks to the Lash Uplift wand’s helix-shape
  • Clean and easy application with the alternated fins that deposit the perfect amount of product to lift and thicken the lashes without clumping
  • Plumper lashes thanks to the plumping beads that build volume and thickness
  • A firm yet flexible hold throughout the day
  • A boost tip to make sure to coat more of the tiny, hard-to-reach lashes

The Max Factor Eid Look:

To recreate Max Factor’s Eid look shown on Mahira Abdelaziz, the brand recommends using the following products to achieve the soft and sophisticated look

  • Masterpiece Liner in Black
  • Khol Kajal in Nude
  • Masterpiece Nude Eyeshadow Palette in Earthy Nudes
  • Voluptuous Extreme Black Mascara in Black

These products were carefully selected to compliment Middle Eastern skin tones with a wide array of warm shades. These products, which were used on Mahira Abdelaziz for the Eid look allow women to create a natural yet glamorous makeup look to enhance their existing beautiful features.

Mahira Abdelaziz is a presenter on Kalam Nawaem, a popular TV show on the largest Middle East broadcasting channel, MBC. She is the epitome of grace, beauty and feminine power, all inspirational qualities for women to look up to and emulate.

Mahira Abdelaziz on her collaboration with Max Factor Arabia says: “As a woman, and most importantly a mother, I always make sure to empower every woman around me to be the best they can be. Not only do we need more strong women today, but we need to raise the next female generation, and empower them with all the tools necessary to lead a great future. So I partnered up with Max Factor Arabia, because not only do they believe in the same message that I have been pushing on my platform, but actually develop the necessary products to encourage women to be more confident with themselves.

I am also always an advocate of enhancing your features and not completely changing them, with makeup or otherwise, so this look was perfect because it was soft enough to be Eid appropriate yet glamorous enough to make me stand out at any gathering, plus the new Voluptuous ExtremeBlack mascara gives me thicker and longer lashes. I can’t wait to show it off  at all my Eid celebrations ”



Max Factor is committed to listening to women and how they truly live their lives, providing make-up artistry inspiration with products and tools designed to meet their needs. That’s why Max Factor is enriching products with skincare ingredients combining beautiful makeup with self-care. By nourishing the skin while enhancing a woman’s best features, women can take a more holistic approach to their beauty routines.


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