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In Hollywood’s Golden Age, Max Factor was favoured by many, creating timeless looks for icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner. As one of the world’s most renowned makeup lines, the brand has long believed in the power of women. Today more than ever, the makeup line wants the world to see and celebrate this strength, encouraging women to embrace their inner beauty and step into the spotlight.

Rami Kadi Maison de Couture is well on its way to becoming one of the most respected fashion houses globally. Known for creating looks that revere women and reflect strength and beauty, Rami’s blend of eastern and western influences exudes a sense of freedom and warmth.

In a collaboration for the books, Max Factor and Rami Kadi Maison de Couture have combined their visions to introduce Max Factor’s Limited Edition Facefinity Compact Powder. Designed to create a beautiful matte finish as light as a powder while maintaining the longevity and strength of a foundation, the Facefinity Compact with SPF20 is every woman’s all-in-one beauty essential. With minimal fussing and maximum impact, the limited-edition powder’s come in three shades, Porcelain, Ivory and Natural, and fit into any bag for today’s strong and empowered women on the go.

Aiming to inspire women to step into the spotlight and showcase the true depths of their beauty, the two powerhouses have decided to team up with three of the region’s most influential female figures: Lana Al Sahely @lanaelsahely, Mariam Mohammad @mrmr__4 and Deema Al Asadi @deemaalasadi. With different styles and characters, the selected women recognise that true beauty starts from within and perfectly radiate the values of confidence, empowerment and independence the brand believes in. Read on to find out more about the collaboration with these 3 beautiful women…


Each Influencer thus chose the perfect Facefinity shade that best suited their skin tones:


  • Deema Al Asadi for shade 001 Porcelain: with pinkish undertones, this one’s for the ladies with light coloured skin yet enjoy being sun kissed
  • Lana El Sahely for shade 002 Ivory: with tints of an ‘olive’ tone perfect for the ladies with the darker skin tones
  • Mariam Mohammed for shade 003 Natural: for the ladies with light complexions and wanting a more natural result


The making of the patterns…


Be Confident with Lana Al Sahely

Much like the dress Rami selected for her, Lana’s Max Factor Limited Edition Facefinity Compact Powder box is characterised by bold, striking and geometric patterns.

The dress’ blend of fabrics and use of feathers illustrate an inherit boldness and edge, perfectly echoing Lana’s adventurous spirit and fearless character. The dress also reflects Lana’s general attitude and love of life, highlighting her fun and flirty side while embracing the confidence she naturally exudes in everything she undertakes.


Lana’s Ivory shade is ideal for her skin tone while her look is perfectly suited for strong, independent women who like to have fun and choose to live life on their own terms.






Be Aspirational with Mariam Mohammad

In his quest to select the right dress for Mariam, Rami decided to opt for something that reflected her inherit elegance, and the timelessness and beauty she emits through her writing. In the same vein, her Max Factor Limited Edition Facefinity Compact Powder palette was designed to reflect that Arabic grace she naturally radiates.


The Natural shade selected for her compliments her skin tone and leaves her complexion looking luminous. The dress’ contrast of colours and fabrics brings a little something extra to her look, accentuating that delicate poetry and inspirational edge that Max Factor originally noticed in her when they selected her as one of their three muses.

Mariam’s look is for inspirational women who aren’t afraid to follow their dreams, even if it means reaching for the stars.


Be Individual with Deema Al Asadi

When it came to selecting a dress and theme for Deema, Rami Kadi Maison de Couture and Max Factor wanted to find lines and patterns that embraced her unique character and strong sense of individuality. Deema’s compact carries a Porcelain shade that’s perfectly suited for her complexion.


Deema’s dress features a mishmash of patterns, bold sequins and softer fabrics, perfectly suited for the risk-taker in her. Her Max Factor Limited Edition Facefinity Compact Powder box reflects the same characteristics, highlighting her strength and resilience.

Deema’s look celebrates women who embrace their individuality and understand that they can be exactly what they choose to be. It doesn’t matter if that means being feminine, vulnerable, brave, empowered, independent, nurturing or anything and everything else, it’s all theirs for the taking



East steps to the perfect application of the Facefinity compact powder


A Step-By-Step Guide to a Perfect Max Factor Limited Edition Facefinity Compact Powder Application:

Start by selecting the right shade. The perfect shade will match the skin tone of your jawline.

  • If you’re looking for a matte complexion effect, apply evenly all over your face. Alternatively, you can use the shade as a powder to mattify your T-zone and allow the rest of your skin to glow.
  • Your integrated sponge can be used to give you a fuller coverage, while the brush allows for a lighter and fresher effect.
  • For the perfect result, make sure to expose yourself to good natural lighting when applying your foundation.



For more details on Max Factor and Rami Kadi, visit below websites:




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