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Ministry of Health and Prevention successfully organizes workshop on Artificial Intelligence

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) successfully organized a workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it can contribute to achieve the goals and objectives of the UAE strategy on Artificial Intelligence launched by the UAE cabinet in the year 2017. The initiative also aimed at encouraging efforts to use AI technologies to strengthen the efforts put forward to achieve the national KPI on decreasing mortality from cancer and cardio vascular diseases. Furthermore, participants were exposed to an atmosphere that promoted the culture of innovation and further inculcating it as part of one’s daily practices in their respective fields of work.


H.E. Dr. Yousif Mohammad Al Serkal, Assistant Undersecretary for the Hospitals Sector, shared that AI has now evolved to be a basic need to develop results for work, while also assisting in the provision of health care that meets patient expectations and is in compliance with set international standards. He also emphasized that the use of AI and its related technologies falls in line with the UAE’s thrust to promote a culture of innovation, which is an essential element in achieving the goals of UAE National Agenda 2021.


According to Dr. Muna Kuwari, Director, Specialized Care Management, MOHAP, the workshop helped participants, mostly employees of the Ministry, in defining their career and development objectives with the use of innovative solutions available via AI technologies.


The workshop, which was led and facilitated by Dr. Ruchi Dass, was attended by around 50 employees coming from different departments of the Ministry. During the session a number of projects that use AI were sketched out by participants to find innovative solutions to some work objectives. The workshop also included an introductory lecture on AI and methods to use across the healthcare field. Participants were trained on how to make full use of AI, including the introduction of several examples in the field of health. The proposed projects will be followed up to the implementation phase at the earliest possible.

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