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Netflix testing ads in between some subscribers’ binge-watching sessions

The spokesperson also said that the streaming service would only be playing ads for Netflix original content and not shows it licensed from other networks. That being said, Better Call Saul originally aired on AMC and is not a Netflix original, so it appears that Netflix is still sorting out this new system.

Regardless of which ads are playing, the end result is the same. Most users appear to be unhappy with the change. One of the commenters from the U.K. said that they would cancel their account if Netflix continued to push ads. Other users expressed similar frustrations with the ads, in particular when coupled with the company’s recent price hikes. Some users also compared the ads to those found on Netflix rival Hulu, which also requires users to watch ads on its lowest-priced plan.

In terms of the backlash, Netflix said is paying attention to the user response on social media. However, the company is more concerned about how users interact with the ads in the app itself. If users click on the ads or start consuming content based upon them, then it is likely that Netflix will see the test as a success and roll it out to more users.

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