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New Project Space exhibition to showcase the University’s own body of Visual Design works

NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery (NYUAD Art Gallery) is pleased to announce the next show at its auxiliary venue, the Project Space. Opening to the public tomorrow, January 9, Design Works will bring to life extensive works developed in-house by NYU Abu Dhabi’s Visual Design faculty and students from 2012 to 2018.


The Visual Design practice was incorporated into the University’s curriculum in January 2012 with an offering of the elective course Designing Abu Dhabi. As a result of this course, a cohort of students embraced the beauty and complexity of visual communication theories and practices, leading them to set up the Design Collective, an independent, student-run group that generates design solutions throughout NYUAD. This group played a substantial role in shaping the University’s visual identity in Abu Dhabi, and supported the design needs of major institutions in the capital such as Emirates Nature-WWF.

Design Works is curated by the University’s Assistant Professor of Practice of Visual Arts Goffredo Puccetti; Associate Instructor of the Arts in Design Erin Collins who is a former Christo Award winner and an NYUAD alum; and students Van Ahn Bui and Diego Arias.

This exhibition is divided into three thematic segments. Leading with Designing Who We Are, this section presents some of NYUAD’s own brand designs such as its Torch, Falcon, and Orchestra logo, among others. Designing What We Do features works for Student Interest Groups and student body events. The last segment, Design Beyond Saadiyatis home to works produced for external entities including the recently revamped logo for Emirates Nature-WWF, as well as the logo celebrating 45 years of cooperation between Italy and the UAE, among others.


Puccetti commented: “Some of the students’ work is gone for good but many of their best designs are here. And they are here to stay: every time we welcome new students at Marhaba Week, every time we cheer for our Athletics teams, every time our seniors get to hold the silver Torch on Commencement day, the relevance of in-house visual design is apparent. Important conversations on branding, wayfinding and accessibility stemmed out of the discourse around design, and as we continue to grow, these topics will become more and more impactful. It is our hope that this show will inspire new students to continue the work of their predecessors for many years to come.”

The Project Space is operated by the staff of the NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery and housed within the campus’ Arts Center. It is dedicated to NYU Abu Dhabi’s community projects such as the annual Capstone Festival, semester-end exhibitions of student works, and faculty-curated exhibitions, providing a platform for experimentation and exploration.

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