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NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery announces new show at its auxiliary venue, the Project Spac

NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery, the University’s academic museum-gallery, is pleased to announce the next show at its auxiliary venue, the Project Space.

David Darts: Discomfort at the Project Space

Open to the public from November 12-25, Discomfort sees artist and NYU Abu Dhabi Associate Dean of Arts David Darts explore and playfully confront uncomfortable-ness through 25 works spanning a variety of media, from video and sound to photography and sculpture. The exhibition approaches discomfort primarily as a generative state, even if the experience itself is not always pleasant, a state that can lead to intellectual growth and provide artistic inspiration. From the trauma of a childhood drowning incident to the dysfunctions associated with misophonia, Darts examines the social and domestic aberrations that have resulted from his own lived discomforts in this exhibition.


Putting for Pleasure and Politics at the NYUAD Arts Center plaza

This exploration of ‘discomfort’ also extends out of the Project Space and into the adjacent NYUAD Arts Center plaza in the form of an artist designed golf course. Darts invited nine collaborating artists to approach a contemporary social issue through the inherent absurdity of mini golf; these include: Hashel Al LamkiWendy BednarzJonny FarrowJill MagiSandra PetersCraig ProtzelGoffredo PuccettiLaura Schneider, and John Torreano. The result is a life-sized playable sculpture garden which provides participants with an artistic, if slightly disconcerting, snapshot of our current historical moment. Titled Putting for Pleasure and Politics, this group exhibition is curated by Darts and will be on display from November 12-25.

“This playable sculpture garden has been designed to be participatory and interactive. This ‘decenters’ romantic notions of the individual artist found in modern Western art and instead asks the audience to actively participate in the production of the artwork, rather than to only gaze at it from a safe distance,” explains Darts. “These sculptures are intended not to serve as a precious art objects but instead as platforms for shared experiences, dialog, and reflection.”

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