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Opening of the Exhibition “Abstract Scenes” by Marc Van Cauwenbergh at Galerie Alice Mogabgab

Galerie Alice Mogabgab held the opening of the exhibition “Abstract Scenes” for Belgian artist Marc Van Cauwenbergh.


Abstract Scenes is the first exhibition by Marc Van Cauwenbergh in Lebanon. It is a half-abstract-half figurative exhibit of the artist who’s a painter and dancer all in the same time.

The exhibition consists of a collection of fifteen paintings done between 2000 and 2011; in effect dating from a decade and more; exploring through the vocabulary of abstraction, the body while moving through space.


“My work explores the increasing fragmentation of human identity and communication within the chaos of the contemporary world. While pondering how urban life affects us, I am seeking to express the faceted emotions of physical and psychological relationships entailed” said Marc Cauwenbergh.


“Disappearance”, “Implosion”, “Decline” or even “Spiral”; the abstract compositions of Marc Van Cauwenbergh recalls movement. Colored forms brought to the canvas by a brush’s wide strokes, on the brown linen; translucent, fluid materials, deposited on an abrupt tissue.

Green forms; grey and white; painted by the artist; invading vertically the canvas’ space; like shadows. They intermarry, overlap, crisscross, confront each other, then separate, on the canvas-scene; thus creating the sensation of tension: the one of a dancer on the scene; a painter before his canvas.


Marc Van Cauwenbergh was born in Ninove, Belgium in 1954; between 1972 and 1975 he studied engraving at Saint Luc de Grand School; then between 1979 and 1984, sculpture and ceramics at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Simultaneously he follows classic and modern dancing courses; while working as a dancer at the Royal Opera in Gand. Between 1987 and 1989 a Fulbright-Hays scholarship shall enable him to take additional painting studies at the Pratt Institute in New-York; where he will permanently settle, starting 1994. Ever since, his works are regularly exhibited in Belgium and in the United States.

“Abstract Scenes” exhibition runs until Saturday 27 October 2018 at Galerie Alice Mogabgab.

Opening hours: Tuesday till Saturday from 10:00 am till 6:00 pm



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