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You’re sure to fall in love with the new collection of 10 shades ranging from irresistible variations of browns and mauves, light nudes and purples, the perfect mix of warm and cool shades. And here’s something to make you swoon more…the team behind the shades travelled around Paris and thus chose iconic Parisian landmarks to be behind the naming of the shades!


It goes without saying that the Fall in Love collection boasts all the benefits of Bourjois’ best-selling Rouge Velvet the Lipstick, namely the exclusive pigment-rich formula which has intense moisturizing effect to deliver a long-wearing velvety-matte finish that never dries out the lips. One coat is all you need for an intense clip color that lasts all day, while precision application is easy thanks to the beveled shaped stick.


Ladies, we are not quite finished there. The part we have been waiting to talk about is the fact that our ultimate Bourjois girl Noha Nabil @nohastyleicon has been heavily involved behind the collection and shade selections! The part we also missed out was that Noha was with us throughout our tour around Paris where the colors, Paris icons and weather lead her to decide on the following shades:


#17 From Paris with Mauve…In Noha’s words a soft purple with tints of grey, this shade will partner up perfectly with a pastel pink outfit

#18 Mauve Martre…a deeper shade of purple (or pink), this one is for a dinner date, or if you are feeling daring a breakfast date!

#19 Places des roses…this one is one of a kind! This one’s for the ladies craving something a little different!

#24 Pari’sienne…will all the Parisian chic’s please stand up?! This is guaranteed to be your shade!


Curious about the other 6 shades? Et voila, you have them below…

#20 Plum Royal: a deep boysenberry plum for an intense yet sophisticated look

#21 Grande Roux: a warm copper, the easy-to-wear Parisian red. Spicy yet muted at the same time, it flatters all complexions.

#22 Moka-déroa: delicate light brown with greige hues for a stylish but still natural look

#23 Taupe of Paris: a medium cool brown with hints of grey

#25 Maca’brown: a dark chocolate shade for lips that got bite!

#26 French Opéra: a cold brown with mauve undertones for a soft dark look



Paris is calling ladies and so are the new Rouge Velvet the Lipstick shades…

Made with Love, from Bourjois

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