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The Power to Do More: Meet the Galaxy Note9’s High-Performance Features

These days, a reliable device that performs as you do is a must in the private and professional domain. In the digitally transformed world we live today, we have come to rely on our smartphones as an extension of who we are. With the latest release of the Galaxy Note flagship, Samsung has not only vastly improved the device in its features, it has rendered it more powerful, so that it can keep up with our connected world. Redefining the mobile experience are an all-day battery, fast processing and network speeds, and Samsung Electronics’ latest advancements in cooling technologies. The Galaxy Note9 has been engineered to offer the highest levels of power and performance.


Keeping Up with Your Day


A phone designed for power users requires a likewise powerful battery.  That’s why Samsung equipped the Galaxy Note9 with an all-day, 4,000mAh battery—the largest ever featured on a flagship Galaxy device. Offering 21% more power than its predecessor, the powerhouse battery allows you to spend more time being productive and less time tied down by chargers and power packs.


Rest assured that from morning meetings to meet-ups with friends, and whatever else is planned for the day, the Galaxy Note9 will be ready to help you get things done and enjoy each day to the fullest.


Built to Get Things Done Fast


Like storage space, a phone’s processing speeds and network capabilities can directly impact users’ ability to get the most out of a given day. To offer users superior speed, the Galaxy Note9 comes equipped with a 10-nanometer processor that, in addition to boosting CPU and GPU performance by 33% and 23%, respectively, supports the fastest network speeds available, with downloads of up to 1.2 gigabits per second (Gbps).


The Galaxy Note9’s connections ensure that you’re never stuck in the slow lane when downloading or streaming your favorite content.


Staying Cool under Pressure


Making phones with batteries that can last all day and play console-quality games comes at a cost: heat. When a phone’s internals become too hot, the CPU slows down – a problem known as thermal throttling – and leads to a loss in performance. Sluggish gameplay and poor multi-tasking are two major problems that a good cooling system addresses.


Samsung has innovated smartphone cooling on the Galaxy Note9 with its all-new Water Carbon Cooling system, which counteracts heat with a heat pipe, or ‘thermal spreader’ to ensure that the processor functions at optimal levels. The system, which was first introduced in the Galaxy S7, utilizes changes in the phases of water to efficiently radiate heat. In fact, Samsung equipped the latest Note with a heat pipe that’s three times larger than the Galaxy Note8’s, and increased the system’s internal water intake to allow for greater heat absorption. The system also benefits from an enhanced carbon fiber TIM (thermal interface material) that transfers heat from the processor to the thermal spreader with 3.5 time greater efficiency, boosts thermal conductivity, and helps prevent overheating.


For More Intelligent Gaming


The Galaxy Note9 also features an on-device AI-based, performance-adjusting algorithm that provides up to 40 percent more stable FPS (frames per second) when gaming. This allows the smartphone to provide smoother visuals and a more enjoyable experience when playing top games. In an action-packed game, timing and accuracy are everything, and unstable FPS can hinder your ability to anticipate an attack, and can cause a carefully aimed shot to hit just off the mark. The Galaxy Note9’s smooth and stable gameplay makes it easier to immerse yourself in the on-screen action, offering a competitive edge in your quest to become the last player standing.


Samsung’s latest smartphone has captured the imagination of the world. Packed with power and game changing innovations, it has raised the bar for smartphones considerably, and the Note series continues to exceed all expectations. With this latest flagship, Note users will experience a level of performance and power they won’t be able to do without – for business or play, it’s a game changer.

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