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Pure XS Night The new fantasy by Paco Rabanne

Pure XS, excess in its purest state

2017. With Pure XS, the return of a rousing, multi-sensory discovery strikes again. And once more, Paco Rabanne plays and provokes.


The object of desire: a male heir who has everything. To excess. The perfect body. Crazily laid-back. And, en plus, the face of an angel. And it goes without saying, magnetic charm. But. This lovely man is playing hard to get. Right to the end.


The fragrance: Oriental – fresh, fiery, an obsession. Enough to lose your mind.


The campaign: bridging the gap between latent stimulus and dazzlingly obvious attraction, this new-style spectacle gives intoxicating fantasy a new grandeur. Without taking itself too seriously. As always.


The indecently beautiful heir in his bathroom. Ready for the most private of rituals. An excited gang of groupies causing commotion, vying to get the best view from every angle. The scene is theatrical, the vision, hysteria-inducing. Some faint.



Pure XS for Her

2018. In the wake of Pure XS, Paco Rabanne created its feminine partner in crime. Fantasy incarnate, pure fantasy: the exotic heiress, a stunning, fiery beauty. Able to bring an entourage of knights in shining armour to their knees – without even a glance.


The epitome of the inaccessible, following on from its predecessor. Indecent? Indeed. A stimulating rush of heady ylang-ylang and moreish popcorn.


Emily Ratajkowski and Francisco Henriques are the Pure XS duo. The faces of formidable desire. Both alluring and magnetic. Emblems of splendor. Their beauty, pure and simple, an attractive invitation, a temptation. Implicit. In one word, provocative. In five, excess in its purest state.

Pure XS Night, it’s getting H-O-T!

But the story doesn’t end there. In his manor our handsome heir hasn’t finished testing our senses. You may never sleep again. Be warned!


It’s at night that our instincts are awakened. And when minds ignite. Glimpsing the object of desire instils a forbidden feeling, dangerous and delightful. Unsettling. Exciting. A perfume of peril. The desire to play with fire becomes… uncontrollable.


Spying from a distance. Delighting in the sensation.Move closer. A little. Tension.


Push away troubling thoughts. Obsession.


Devouring it up close. Addiction.


Dive into the unknown. And say yes to Excess.



A disturbing fragrance, fiercely stimulating

Behind these scented variations, the talented team from IFF: Caroline Dumur supported by Anne Flipo and Bruno Jovanic.


The inspiration: retaining the hot-and-cold duality of Pure XS by delving into excess, passion. And tension.


If Pure XS was there to trick the senses – an overdose of ginger in an explosion of vanilla and myrrh – Pure XS Night is its illicit counterpart. Suggestive in its complex intensity. Distilled into an eau de parfum of purely tantalizing concentrate.


At the heart of the perfumers’ work:


  • Heightened sensations: spine-tingling, biting, mouth-watering…
  • A new ginseng accord. A powerful potion. That “breathes a burning freshness into the fragrance.”
  • The indexes of addiction pushed up against the wall “the myrrh becomes a caramel to lick, like burning skin. Vanilla makes way for a darker note, cacao absolute.


Excessively disturbing. Deliciously stimulating. Pure XS Night is the perfume of steamy excess in its night-time state. Spicy, oriental, a harmony of extremes, an alchemy that bursts into life on the skin.


First excess: a shiver of desire. Succulent ginger, almost icy, is mouthwatering. The ginseng pulsates. A spicy hit, hot-and-cold, that electrifies the senses.


Second excess: burning addiction. Spicy salted caramel, piquant, melts into the smooth heat of cinnamon and bittersweet cocoa. An almost edible explosion that has you hooked. The taste of excess.



An object of mysterious desire

A chiselled glass bottle with clean-cut edges. The power of purity. A curved, black stopper. Bold duality. The Night version exercises its power of attraction with shades of clear-to—the obscure. From the pale light azure of dusk to the dark blue of night sky, the eclipse is troubling. Magnetic to excess. It’s night, Paco Rabanne-style.



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