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Qattara Archaeological Basement showcases Iron Age industrial installations

During the creation of the Qattara Arts Centre in Al Ain, archaeological excavations revealed a five meter sequence of archaeological layers or ‘horizons’ reaching back from the Late Islamic period to the Iron Age. The Iron Age industrial installations forming the earliest phase of this sequence are now on display at the Qattara Archaeological Basement, a new permanent exhibition that interprets the archaeology of the oases of Al Ain using archaeological finds from the site and a range of media.


The exhibition presents to the public how archaeological sites are formed over time in a series of layers laid on top of each other and how archaeological excavation proceeds from the top downwards by removing each of these layers in turn. It also presents a number of key objects found during the different layers of the excavation, including a lion figurine dating to the Iron Age II period (1100-600 BCE) that probably once formed part of a large pottery vessel and is one of the finest decorated Iron Age ceramic figurines ever found in the UAE. ?


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