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Raf Simons launches Calvin Klein Women fragrance

WOMEN denotes not one, but many – a group of individuals, each with their own distinct voice, their own unique self.

CALVIN KLEIN draws inspiration from the multifaceted identity of femininity today –from the empowered reality of modern women and their myriad interpretations –to invent a new scent, the first CALVIN KLEIN fragrance developed under the vision of Chief Creative Officer, Raf Simons: CALVIN KLEIN WOMEN.


A woman curates herself, and draws from many, to transform.

CALVIN KLEIN WOMEN is inspired by this inherent diversity; by plurality combined with individuality; by freedom, by the notion of resisting definition and living by no one else’s rules but your own. By the collective individuality that unites all women.

The message of CALVIN KLEIN WOMEN speaks to many. It speaks to women universally, a scent evocative of the multiple identities they present.

Women have more than one persona within them, with the inherent freedom to reinvent themselves as and when they see fit.

They are both one, and all – an individual who becomes part of a group.

The legacy of creativity at the house of CALVIN KLEIN is to not only reflect culture, but to help define it. CALVIN KLEIN WOMEN reflects a dynamic and multifaceted femininity which mirrors the creative spirit of Raf Simons and a new era at CALVIN KLEIN.

Developed with an all-female cast, the CALVIN KLEIN WOMEN campaign champions iconic women

of past generations and celebrates heroines of contemporary culture.


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