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Raouché Arjaan by Rotana Spreads Happiness at Work

Believing that the happiness of the employee is the main element to increase their productivity and love for work, and by continuously seeking to create a familial environment between its members, Raouché Arjaan by Rotana holds a series of internal motivational activities throughout the summer season, which culminated in an entertaining gathering around the pool on the hotel’s 17th floor, for the employees and their families, who enjoyed a charming ambience before the back to school season.

The hotel held a series of daily activities that aimed to spread happiness between employees and change their perspective of work as a routine, making it full of surprises and making the stress they get exposed to more bearable, as well as making the extra hours they sometimes get to spend, more fun.

Activities were various; some were related to occasions that employees were included in, and others were internal, which brought happiness to the offices and lunch times. One of the activities was related to CSR, where many employees donated blood to the Lebanese Red Cross. As for this end of summer family activity, it was an extension to a similar one that took place recently and that focused on letting the employees bring their children to share a day at work with them, while wearing costumes, each depending on the position of the parent.

Commenting on the event, General Manager of Raouché Arjaan by Rotana, Mrs. Hala Massaad said: “We never miss an opportunity to create a positive environment and encourage our employees to give their best at work. The employee spends most of their time with their second family; that is why it is necessary to always do creative activities characterized by positivity to break routine and add fun to the work environment.”

The above activities fall under the values and ethics of Rotana Hotels, named “Rotana life” that aim to create an environment shaped by motivation and encouragement to work in a happy ambience. In fact, the hotel’s success is a result of the strong connections and long lasting relations that it holds with the employees from one side and with the customers from another.


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