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Rimmel Introduces New Lasting Matte Foundation

Are you ready for a new generation of matte? Rimmel knows you want to look like the best version of you, without compromising on your make-up finish. Introducing Lasting Matte Foundation, an ultra-mattifying, ultra-lightweight foundation that delivers full, even coverage with long-lasting shine-control. Skin looks truly matte-tastic.


Lasting Matte Foundation

A real game-changer, Lasting Matte Foundation delivers full coverage with a no-compromise, no-shine finish. There’s no caking, cracking, heaviness or tight feel. It’s a foundation you can truly believe in.


Rimmel loves to celebrate, not mask, your unique beauty… but we all have our fair share of spots and dark circles that we wish would disappear. Thankfully, the foundation’s full-coverage formula instantly hides blemishes and imperfections to keep your face looking fresh and smooth, without looking flat on skin. In tests, Lasting Matte Foundation was shown to cover-up pigmentation marks – even when examined under UV light that enhances the appearance of melanin spots. Impressive.

You want total coverage but you don’t want to feel caked in make-up. That’s why Rimmel has created a lightweight mousse texture that’s so weightless there’s no uncomfortable tight feeling and no cakey effect. And because no one wants a shiny complexion, the clever shine-control formulation delivers sweat and humidity-proof coverage with an all-day matte finish.

*Face was exposed to a humidifier at an average of 78 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity of 68% for two minutes at a time.

So how does Rimmel do it? Firstly, Lasting Matte Foundation benefits from a Triple Balance Powder Complex to help deliver fabulous, humidity-proof coverage. This is a synergy of three types of powders: porous spheres to give a smooth texture with a blurring effect; platelets to cover imperfections and reflect light; and amorphous shapes to absorb both moisture and sebum. Amazingly, the best oil-absorbing powders can absorb twice their weight in oil. This powder complex is fastened to the skin by a protective film and then set in place as volatile solvents in the formula evaporate. These volatile solvents and gellants are the reason for the foundation’s feather-light feel on skin.


Furthermore, the foundation features Elastomer Powder Technology for a flattering matte finish. A shine-free look is created by a microscopically rough surface on the skin, which works to diffuse and scatter light.


It’s time to say hello beautiful, bye bye shine! Discover Rimmel’s truly mattifying make-up for a lasting shine-free complexion. Get the London look.





Lasting Matte Foundation

This lightweight, ultra-comfortable foundation controls shine to leave the skin truly mattified without feeling tight or cakey. The full coverage matte formula instantly hides imperfections and blemishes to keep skin looking fresh, smooth and flawless.


On-Counter Date:                         March 2019


For More Information:                            sarah.hardan@havasprme.com


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