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Rimmel London Introduces New SCANDALEYES Wow Wings Mascara For Ultra-Volumised & Winged-Out Lashes

Ready for an instant WOW lash-look? Rimmel London introduces Scandal’Eyes Wow Wings, its new volumizing mascara. In a flash, lashes are amplified with massive volume and a perfect winged-out look. Enjoy scandalously full, flared lashes without the need for falsies, heavy eyeliner or awkward application manoeuvres. Free your wow.


A truly game-changing mascara, SCANDAL’EYES Wow Wings delivers up to 11x MORE VOLUME* because, when it comes to lashes, bigger is always better! What’s more, each and every lash – including those hard-to-reach outer lashes – is extended, lifted and fanned-out to give that dramatic wide-eyed effect you crave. Creating this bold lash-look is effortless thanks to Rimmel’s unique winged flexible brush and patented volumising formula. The volumising yet lightweight formula features an innovative polymer complex to rapidly build extreme volume. Plus, the mascara’s creamy texture is long-lasting, smudge-proof and flake-proof so you can wear it with confidence.

*compared with bare lashes


Adding volume to outer lashes can be tricky with regular mascara. You end up contorting your hand at difficult angles because the brush doesn’t fit. No more! Scandaleyes Wow Wings Mascara’s ingenious plastic brush requires 20 degrees less rotation to reach outer lashes**, making for a super-quick, comfortable and controlled application. Wow-worthy lashes are easy-peasy!

**compared with an average mascara brush


The unique brush is dual sided with two types of bristles for maximum lash impact: the winged side adds instant volume; and the curved side delivers definition, separation and flare. On the winged side, each pair of wings is exactly spaced to hold the perfect amount of formula to load the lashes. Long bristles at the base of the brush are designed to catch and flare-out lashes in the outer eye corners, whilst short bristles at the top easily reach the inner corner lashes. The tapered design comfortably fits the eye for an easy application. On the curved side, seven rows of bristles engage the lashes for precise and controlled placement of mascara. Here, the short bristle length grabs and coats lashes from root to tip, and the curved shape reaches inner and outer corners for a full fan effect. Wow worthy winged lashes in an instant!


The Scandaleyes Wow Wings bottle is almost as eye-catching as your lashes. The curvaceous pack can’t be missed thanks to its bold purple colour that’s taken over from millennial pink as the shade of the season. Holographic decoration add extra wow factor, including a sweeping winged motif that represents the winged-out lash-look.


The striking advertising campaign is guaranteed to create a wow. The bold yet stylishly simple film features a diverse range of eyes letter-boxed on screen. Each person, look and expression is unique. A powerful and captivating beat drives the film as it cuts from wow look to wow look, ending with Rimmel ambassador Cara Delevingne. The Brit model-actor also stars in the print visual; her full-volume, winged-out lashes are highlighted with bold streaks of purple eyeshadow to complement the vibrant pack design.


Give your lashes instant WOW with Scandal’Eyes Wow Wings Mascara. Live the London look.





Get an instant wow-worthy lash-look. Rimmel London introduces new Scandaleyes Wow Wings Mascara for lashes with full-body volume and a bold winged-out effect. Free your wow! Live the London look.


This game-changing volumising mascara benefits from:

  • A unique winged flexible brush with two types of bristles: the winged side adds instant volume; the curved side delivers definition and separation.
  • New volumising formula with an innovative polymer complex to quickly build extreme volume.
  • The creamy mascara texture is long-lasting, smudge-proof and flake-proof.


Give lashes the WOW factor:

  • Enjoy up to 11x more lash volume
  • Easily build winged-out volume – the brush requires 20 degrees less rotation to reach outer lashes, compared with an average brush









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