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RIPE NCC at APTLD75: A Continued Effort to Promote IPv6

The Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC), the Regional Internet Registry for more than 20,000 organizations across 75 countries, recently participated in the APTLD75 meeting hosted by Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA), held alongside the sixth edition of the Middle East DNS Forum. The events brought together experts and relevant parties to discuss the latest developments in the global Internet names and numbers communities, and ways to enhance the DNS industry in the Middle East.

In addition to participating in APTLD, the RIPE NCC met with TRA executives and hosted a three-day training session on IPv6 for its members in the UAE. This was to support the efforts of the TRA to encourage the deployment of IPv6, the newer Internet protocol.

Chris Buckridge, External Relations Manager, RIPE NCC, said, “Encouraging cooperation and bringing together stakeholders from a range of communities and sectors is essential to addressing the challenges presented by the growth of the Internet. Citizens are looking to their governments and regulators to develop policies that can protect users online and support the development of the Internet industry. Events like these are good opportunities to help the Internet community engage with policymakers and to share expertise on technology, regulatory developments, and public policy.”

Abdulrahman Al Marzouqi, Internet Advancement Senior Manager at TRA, said, “We remain as committed as ever to enhance the Internet experience through our relationship between TRA and all our stakeholders including RIPE NCC, ICANN and APTLD. We are happy with our relationship with the RIPE NCC, especially since we have invested in many initiatives – capacity building, roundtable discussions to increase awareness on IP addresses, IPv6, security, and database utilization. All of these strengthen our position and allow us in turn to provide feedback from our community to enhance Internet services. UAE’s advanced infrastructure and our visions are aligned; enabling us to become the tech-hub of the region by utilizing the latest technologies to lead as an example for the rest of the GCC.”

In this context, one of the initiatives that would benefit from deploying IPv6 is the UAE’s Mobile Government (mGovernment), which was launched in 2013 to ensure the availability of government services to people 24/7, contributing to a better quality of life built on world-class public infrastructure, government services and a rich recreational environment. In line with these developments, the transition to IPv6 could open up opportunities throughout the region to enable many more devices to connect to the Internet and to keep people connected.

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