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Roads for Life: 100 ISF Troops Have Followed our Rescue Sessions to Date

Roads for Life (RFL) delivered certificates to a new batch of ISF troops who completed its First Responder rescue program, thus raising the number of ISF beneficiaries to 100 members who have taken part in 4 sessions organized to date thanks to the strategic partnership with BLC Bank.

During the ceremony held on this occasion, RFL President Zeina Kassem remarked that “the National Road Safety Council is working in collaboration with traffic control units” and stressed the need to “increase the number of these units in several areas located off the international highway network, which motorcycle police and traffic patrols cannot access easily due to their numerous duties in other regions.”

Arguing that “police speed radars are an efficient method to promote road safety”, Kassem called for making them more widespread and lauded their “reinstatement using smart and efficient technology”, adding wishfully: “If only there were radars for  driving paramedics ethics, which have become a rarity, to prevent traffic violations.”

RFL had also delivered certificates to 30 LRC paramedics from the following  centers: spears,Gemmayzé ,Furn el Chebbak,Mreijeh,jounieh, kornet Chehwan,falougha,kobb elias,Gib Gennine,Machghara,Saïda,jenesneya,Nabatiyye,Tripoli,Batroun,koura,Becharré,Halba,Harar,Baabda,Aley,Semkaniyyé,Kabrechmoun,Deir Al Kamar and Tyre thanks to the partnership with BLC bank, and 11 ER physicians and 18 nurses who had followed the ATLS and ATCN trauma rescue programs respectively thanks to the strategic partnerships with Fransabank and Bank Audi. This recent batch of graduates came from the following institutions: Bahman Hospital, Notre Dame du Liban University Hospital, Saint George Hospital University Medical Center, Bellevue Medical Center, the Military Hospital, Kesserwan Medical Center, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Notre Dame des Secours, Al Zahraa University Hospital, Al-Rasoul Al-Aazam Hospital, Al-Burj Hospital, the Lebanese University, Hôtel-Dieu de France, Dallaa Hospital in Saida, and the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC).

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