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Roads for Life Concludes ISF Training Session and Calls for Executive Decrees to Implement Traffic Code

Roads for Life (RFL) President Zeina Kassem asserted that “the swift measures adopted by new Interior Minister Raya Al-Hassan upon taking office regarding the strict enforcement of the traffic code across all regions are an advanced step towards the establishment of the rule of law, which starts on Lebanon’s roads.”

During the delivery of certificates to the participants who have completed the First Responder session at the ISF Training Institute in Aramoun, Kassem stressed that “the achievements scored under former Interior Minister Nohad Al-Mashnouq constitute excellent groundwork for the future after almost seven years of struggle to implement the traffic code.”

RFL’s president also called for “launching a comprehensive legislative process to issue all pending executive decrees, which will speed up the implementation of all the provisions of the new traffic code.”

21 traffic and motorcycle police members from all Governorates have completed the latest First Responder session thanks to the strategic partnership with BLC Bank.

Following RFL’s delivery of rescue kits at the end of the training session, Kassem commented that “Security forces deserve to have everything that helps to stabilize trauma patients before the arrival of an ambulance within the framework of the international golden hour.”

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