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Roberto Cavalli’s Exclusive New Duo of Fragrances


Deep Desire is an exclusive limited edition that brings together the Signature and Uomo lines.

This duo of fragrances explores the most voluptuous facet of the Roberto Cavalli universe.

It is a tribute to pure and vivid passion, to the magnetic attraction that bespeaks a total communion of the souls.

Sensuous, fierce, indomitable, it is a raw and primal force no one can hope to resist.

Signature’s mesmerizing oriental floral fragrance opens with a bang –

a sizzling blend of pink peppercorn and mandarin that is bound to draw attention and ravish the senses.

Deep Desire’s mandarin signature note combines fruity edibility with a zesty and piquant character.

Combined with pink peppercorn, it perfectly symbolizes the complex and exciting nature of human passion.

Roberto Cavalli Deep Desire Uomo’s oriental spicy fragrance is a masterpiece, a true study in the art of seduction.

Like its feminine counterpart, it opens with a riveting whiff of mandarin and pepper.

But instead of pink peppercorn, the perfumer used a more masculine pepper essence.

It adds intensity to the spicy-citrusy contrast.

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