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Samsung Electronics Levant Introduces the Samsung Digital Flip Chart

Samsung Electronics Levant introduces its Digital Flip Chart; the Samsung FLiP, designed to promote a more collaborative digital engagement to business meetings.

Developed to provide added value interactivity, the Samsung Flip display offers extensive device compatibility through both wireless connectivity (NFC) and USB, PC and mobile ports. Users may also save meeting notes to a USB drive or other external sources, print it or send it via email.

Additionally, the Samsung Flip display securely stores all content within a central database, eliminating the need for awkward recaps or handwritten transcriptions. An airtight, password-based protection system safeguards meeting details and ensures that only approved users can access the information.

The Samsung Flip Display features a height-adjustable stand, offering more convenience for meeting rooms, and when a meeting require more centralized, roundtable-style discussion, users may remove and connect the Flip display to a compatible wall mount.

Each Flip display is customizable and can configure to portrait or landscape orientations to suit unique meeting needs.

Through simultaneous multi-user engagement, the Samsung Flip ensures that all voices and ideas are heard during a given meeting. Up to four different participants may introduce content or annotate directly on screen at the same time. In doing so, each user may customize his or her own writing style, size and color, with each notation made clear and visible by viewer-friendly UHD resolution.

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