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Samsung QLED TVs Receives Consumers Rave Reviews

Samsung Electronics announced that the QLED line-up for 2018 received high praise from various tech portals that gave reviews for the latest home entertainment product from Samsung.

And with these new titles and awards, Samsung reaffirms its leadership in the global TV market with the latest series of QLED TVs, Trusted Reviews – Expert reviews of the latest consumer electronics, mobile phones, IT and computing, technology news, reviewed Q9FN saying “The Samsung QE65Q9FN is the most impressive TV I’ve reviewed in years. It effectively combines the strong brightness and colour of Quantum Dot LED (QLED) with the deep blacks and almost the lighting precision of OLED. That’s a huge deal in a world where you generally choose one or the other.”

“The Samsung Q9FN offers about as little in the way of compromise as I’ve ever seen on a TV. This is a rare beast that seems as comfortable in pitch black as it is with the lights blazing. Its light and colour performance is, as it was last year, unprecedented.”

Tech Radar reviewed the Q9FN saying • “Samsung’s much-hyped QLED technology suddenly makes sense with the 65-inch 65Q9FN. By combining QLED’s unprecedented brightness and color talents with direct instead of edge backlighting, Samsung has hit on a winning, forward-thinking formula that delivers the best 4K high dynamic range pictures we’ve seen to date.”

“The Q9FN also makes the QLED color performance even more spectacular than it was before, and introduces a variety of features that make it uniquely accomplished as a gaming monitor. The result is the all-round most spectacular TV we’ve ever tested. Rumors of LED TVs demise, it seems, have been greatly exaggerated.”

While “What Hi Fi” said that Q9FN “This is the brightest, punchiest, most vibrant TV we’ve reviewed and, thanks to that extremely impressively controlled, zonal backlight, it combines that brightness with genuinely deep but detailed blacks.”

Stuff website expressed their opinion about the Q9FN “While Samsung’s clearly focused the bulk of its attention on the Q9FN’s picture quality, sound certainly hasn’t been entirely overlooked. Of the three sound modes on offer, it’s ‘Optimised’ that’s the most impressive, producing big, bold and spacious audio that does a surprisingly impressive job with action movies and games. It’s not all drama and no detail, though, and voices are still clear and distinct within the gunfire and explosions going on around them.”

HD Guru in their review for the Q9FN said “This set has one of the best pictures we’ve seen in a consumer television of any technology. It offers both the brightness and contrast benefits of a powerful direct backlit LED LCD TV and the deep, pure black levels of many OLED displays.”

While AVS Forum said that with the Q9FN “Samsung scored a homerun with the design of this year’s Q9F. Between the Invisible Connection cable that now also carries power as well as the video signal, to the simple yet helpful switch to a pedestal base cool, plus with the addition of Ambient Mode, this TV is a technology statement with visual appeal.”

“HDR gaming is one of the Q9F’s strong suits. The combination of brilliant colors, high contrast and low latency provide gamers with a window into virtual worlds…. Moreover, this TV’s ability to handle 1440 x 2560 120Hz video means gamers can enjoy the frame rates and detail they are accustomed to on dedicated monitors.”

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