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Samsung Takes Technology to the “Max” to Reclaim Your Kitchen Space

In an area of the house where space is at a premium, most of us simply can’t dedicate all of our precious kitchen space to a large refrigerator. Of course, we all want the fridge that holds weeks’ worth of groceries without the need to be come a Tetris master to fit everything inside.

What if, somewhere out there, a refrigerator exists that has the maximum amount of interior storage space while minimizing its footprint that would normally be gobbled up by a bigger white good? No way, you say? Think again. Samsung has solved this problem with the Twin Cooling Plus refrigerator with SpaceMax technology.

SpaceMax technology is among the greatest innovations by Samsung in the area of refrigeration, offering the same outer dimensions but with a larger inner capacity, thanks to some creative engineering related to the insulation. The insulation in SpaceMax fridges is thinner but efficient and consumes less energy due to that high level of efficiency. It offers a spacious interior that holds up to 620 liters as SpaceMax technology creating more space inside without increasing external dimensions.

As the largest side-by-side refrigerator in its class, but with a space-conscious profile, Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus refrigerator with SpaceMax technology operates with dual independent compressors to prevent odors that may affect ice or food as the twin cooling systems prevent air transition between the freezer and the fridge. The twin cooling system’s distinct feature of air distribution maintains a condensed and cold flow of air to cool food and beverages in a short period without the accumulation of ice.

The premium Twin Cooling System with Precise Chef Cooling provides precise temperature control in both zones, fostering a healthy lifestyle and saving energy and time by creating a favorable environment for keeping food cool and fresh in all compartments.

While you glace sideways at the behemoth refrigerator sitting in your kitchen right now, just think how nice it would be to reclaim that precious kitchen space, while also saving energy and better maintaining the quality of your food while it’s being stored. Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus refrigerator with SpaceMax technology will have you dancing for joy, rather than dancing around your fridge just to get to the sink.

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