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Sleep Fine eyes stronger market foothold in UAE’s hospitality & health care sectors

Sleep Fine, the UAE’s trusted household brand for luxury quality mattresses and foam products under the Salim and Sons Group, is eyeing an even stronger market presence in the local health care and hospitality sectors to maximize both industries’ exponential growth benefits.

The demand for premium mattresses in the country’s hospitality and health care communities is rising proportionally as a result of the overarching tourism campaigns of the government to position the UAE as one of the best destinations in the world in line with UAE Vision 2021.

Mohammad Tahgahzait, Marketing Manager, Sleep Fine, said: “As part of its economic diversification policy, the UAE Government has been reinforcing all its non-oil sectors, including tourism. Sleep Fine has already made a strong foothold in the country’s hospitality sector, in particular, and is working towards sustaining its industry gains in this market. Health tourism is another segment within the tourism industry that is demonstrating robust growth potentials for us. The vibrant medical tourism segment is creating a new demand for hospital beds and we, at Sleep Fine, are capable of addressing this burgeoning requirement in our health facilities. Growth in both hospitality and health care is without a doubt correlated to the mattress industry’s upward trajectory as well.”

Experts have predicted that the hospitality sector in the country is going to be valued USD 7.6 billion by 2022, while the health care community is steadily expanding as huge investments from the government and private sectors continue to pour in.

“What makes us qualified is our relentless commitment to offer best-in-class products to both the hospitality and health care sectors, in addition to our unprecedented efforts to constantly innovate and transform to meet evolving industry demands using the latest techniques and methods in mattress production. To date, we have already teamed up with leading hospitality and health care organizations and we are looking at further expanding our roster of top local, regional, and global names in the two industries in line with our continuous expansion in the state,” added Tahgahzait.

The hospitality and health care sectors are just two top industries giving mattress manufacturers growth opportunities at the regional and global levels. Overall, the global mattress market is seen to achieve a compound annual growth rate of slightly above 6.5 per cent to approximately USD 43 billion between 2018 and 2024. This is according to a report released by Zion Market Research, which put the global value of the industry at USD 27 billion in 2017.

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