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Spinneys and ACT NGO Reduce Food Waste

In line with world international organizations’ goals and in collaboration with Spinneys, Tawlet restaurant and international chef Hussein Hadid, ACT NGO (Active Advocacy of Communities for Tomorrow) celebrated World Food Day for the second year in a row with an awareness dinner on food wastage, on Tuesday October 16th at Tawlet, Mar Mikhael, in the presence of representatives from several ministries, among them the ministries of environment and economy, in addition to representatives from the UN and several Lebanese corporations from various fields, and renowned public figures and media.

Guests were delighted by the luscious dishes prepared by the talented chef Hussein Hadid, who used fresh ingredients from the waste products offered by Spinneys, the only supermarket that believed in the importance of ACT’s initiative and its positive impact both socially and economically, and has been supporting it for almost two years by offering excess food to be distributed to 20 different charities across Lebanon.

Daily, each Spinneys branch provides ACT with 100-120 kg of fruits and vegetables, in addition to 5-10kg of bread. Within one year only, Spinneys was able to provide around 240 tons of fruits and vegetables, in addition to 60 tons of bread and bakery products, contributing immensely to ACT’s initiative of reducing wasted food.

Mrs. Paula Abdel Hak, founder and president of ACT NGO, said on this occasion: “For a second year in a row, thanks to our partnerships with all sectors in society, private and public, NGOs and charitable associations, and with your support, we were able to reduce food wastage that amounts to 30% globally, because we believe in the importance of collaborations and that each individual can be part of the solution as an active citizen. We would like to thank all parties involved, especially Spinneys, for their generosity towards all associations, offering products that help more than 20 charities in different regions of Lebanon.”

This dinner is part of ACT’s “ACT 4 Food” program, which aims to raise awareness on the importance of reducing food wastage on a national scale, by using leftovers for other things and suggesting laws that encourage the reduction of food wastage in concerned sectors.

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