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Spinneys Soap Bar saves from Breast Cancer

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Spinneys surprised its customers with an activation at their Hazmieh branch on October 11th. In collaboration with the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation, Spinneys welcomed shoppers, influencers, and media representatives to take them from awareness level to taking action. In fact, Spinneys team revealed a new pink soap that they produced to remind women to frequently check themselves for breast cancer. The soap comes with a leaflet that has instructions on how women can do the self-examination test in the shower without doing much effort. This initiative aims to provide women with a daily reminder (the bar of soap) to keep an eye on cancer.

“We are pleased to support the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation that helps educate women about early detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer,” said the Chief Marketing Officer of Spinneys, Mr. Ralph El Kahi “This is a disease that continues to impact the lives of so many women and families across the country, many of whom are Spinneys customers. Our support for breast cancer awareness reflects Spinneys’ commitment of being socially responsible and nourishing people’s lives every day.”

President of the LBCF Professor Nagi El Saghir, was very positive about this partnership and said: “I believe that hand in hand with Spinneys, we will be able to make a difference by spreading the needed awareness, helping needy patients get their treatment and most importantly showing them the road to survival.”

At the end of the event, Spinneys team gave out the pink soap to all attendees, encouraging them to start getting themselves checked at home on a daily basis. They also announced that the booth will be moved to different branches throughout the month, where similar awareness campaigns will be held for their shoppers.

Most importantly, following the activation, the pink soap will be sold for $1 and all proceeds will go to the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation.

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