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Sustainable, stable power supply for tomorrow’s electric mobility.

The energy control stations at BMW Group Plants Dingolfing and Landshut are stepping up their activities in the balancing-power market: Together with other highly-flexible controllable systems in the BMW Group production network, they will contribute to the stability of the public grid outside of the plant.

By participating in the balancing-power market, the BMW Group is implementing an innovative business model, enabling integration of renewable energies into the electricity mix and fulfilling important requirements for the electric mobility of tomorrow. Once again, the BMW Group is demonstrating its holistic view of premium electro-mobility and its belief in a sustainability that extends far beyond electrified vehicles.

Balancing energy serves as a versatile energy reserve that can be used to even out fluctuations in the grid. This is necessary because power generation from renewable energies depends on availability of sun and wind and can therefore only be controlled to a limited extent. For this reason, network operators utilise so-called balancing power to ensure that the power grid remains stable, despite increasing integration of renewable energies.

As mobility becomes increasingly electric, the energy and mobility sectors will grow closer together. This is clear, for example, from the BMW Group’s marketing of balancing power.

The facilities in Dingolfing and Landshut are part of the BMW Group’s network of different energy systems at various sites. With intelligent management, these highly-flexible systems can absorb energy as needed or release it into the grid. In addition to flexible energy generators, such as the combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Dingolfing, energy consumers can also be integrated into the BMW power pool. The same now applies to the ventilation systems at BMW Group Plant Landshut, for example.

As advancing electromobility brings new technical innovations, electrified vehicles will no longer just be consumers of electricity, but will also be able to feed power back into the grid. With this holistic approach to electromobility, the BMW Group is making a major contribution to the emission-free mobility of the future.

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