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Tally Solutions highlight the critical factors for business sustainability

Sustainable growth can seem to be one of the biggest challenges any business leaders faces. However, according to Tejas Goenka, Executive Director, Tally Solutions, business sustainability depends both on internal and external factors to function smoothly.

“For a business to be sustainable, every company needs to understand ‘why we do what we do.’ That should be the guiding force for the company, which will not only help drive profits, but also result in scalability. At Tally Solutions, we’ve always believed that if our product can’t help your business, then your money can’t help our business. True to this philosophy, Tally Solutions have always created solutions which make the life of the user easy and not the programmer,” said Goenka.

According to Tally Solutions, for a business to be sustainable it is crucial to build brand equity and emotional connect with customers. It’s the emotional attachments that link customers to the product of an organisation and will keep them returning to you.

“Building a brand is about developing and sustaining those relationships over time. During our course of entrepreneurial journey, we’ve built connections with customers that have not only helped us retain clients, but also find loyal patrons. Once, when a shattered businessman wrote to us explaining his plight and unfortunate business closure, we sent him an envelope returning the money he had invested in Tally Solutions. Strong to our belief that if our product can’t help your business, then your money can’t help our business, we’ve stayed true to our roots to ensure that we live up to our promises,” added Goenka.

Tally Solutions further emphasised that creating a unique product and brand isn’t enough. It takes repeatable sales processes to create a scalable business. It’s one thing to sign up a few customers; it’s another thing to design and implement sales processes that can be successfully deployed again and again at ever greater scale.

“At Tally Solutions, our goal is to not just have one customer, but have 50 other customers who are friends of our present customer. Driven by this philosophy, Tally Solutions has made a global presence with its products today,” concluded Goenka.

Tally Solutions is a leading international accounting and compliance software provider which caters to 50,000 businesses in the GCC. The company has recently introduced its VAT ready software in the UAE and KSA, which is not only simple to install, but can be seamlessly implemented for total accounting and business management solutions.

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