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Tania Saleh’s new album “Intersection ”

Tania Saleh’s new album “Intersection” released in December 2017, has just won The German Record Critics’ Award. This award was established in 1980 to set the “most rigorous standards for supreme achievement and quality” in the field of music recording. The German Record Critics’ Award Association consists of up to 156 music critics, writers, musicologists and editors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland actively involved in the assessment of CDs and DVDs. Its mission is to provide producers, composers, artists and music lovers with an honest guide to new releases of true artistic significance.

“Intersection” is an audiovisual experiment, mixing Arabic poetry, classical Arabic melodies, street art, Arabic calligraphy and contemporary electronic sounds. It is an ode to the Arab poets of the past 100 years. It describes, in words, music and street art, the state of the Arab world, standing still, at an intersection between East and West, religious beliefs, extremism and moderation, good and evil, war and peace. You can watch the film (directed by Elie Fahed) that describes the whole journey here:


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