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Tiffany & Co. unveils its 2018 Blue Book Collection: The Four Seasons of Tiffany, a bold expression of creativity, craftsmanship and innovation. Composed of five themes—winter, spring, summer, autumn and color theory—the new high jewelry collection draws inspiration from flora, fauna and the architectural complexity found in nature.

With modern and graphic shapes rendered with rare techniques and exceptional gemstones, the Tiffany Blue Book Collection is a discovery of the unexpected. Each piece is a unique creation where visionary designs and the time-honored talent of Tiffany artisans combine to create extravagant jewels that evoke dreams and defy possibilities.

“The Tiffany Blue Book Collection serves as a laboratory for developing groundbreaking concepts that will one day make their way into new collections. It’s where our most creative, experimental and innovative ideas begin” says Reed Krakoff, chief artistic officer, Tiffany & Co.

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