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“Tomooh Saad Abdul Latif” For Scholarships Program Concludes its 13th year with more than 3000 Grants

Under the patronage and the presence of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Ghattas Khoury, PepsiCo, the global food and Beverage Company, concluded in cooperation with the Ajialouna NGO, a charity organization dedicated to supporting education, health, and social work, “Tomooh Saad Abdul Latif” for university scholarships in its thirteenth year. The program that aims at empowering the Arab youth to pursue their education, was celebrated at the Unesco Palace, in the presence of a number of PepsiCo and Ajialouna NGO officials, in addition to the press and media representatives.

PepsiCo’s Financial Director for Asia, Middle East and North Africa, Mrs. Reem Abdel Nour, commented on the closing of the 13th year of the program, saying: “PepsiCo has distributed grants to deserving students for their academic excellence, and the success of Tomooh is credited to the continued support and partnership with Ajialouna association.”  She also acknowledged the joint efforts of all involved have helped make possible the program’s 13th successful year. She also stressed that “Lebanon is facing extremely difficult circumstances this year. Our main concern was to maintain this program and secure opportunities for deserving students with high academic achievement. We hope that students continue their education for a better future not only for themselves, but for Lebanon as well”.






She also discussed PepsiCo’s keenness to be an active member in the positive contribution to Lebanese society. “This is fundamental to our vision of success as a company that is committed to the development of the communities it enters,” she said, “The Company has a clear vision and we see it as our duty to achieve a pioneering performance, which is significant to the progress of the communities in which we operate.”Tomooh Saad Abdul Latif” program represents a march of progress, and an eloquent performance to build an integrated network that benefits thousands of university students in Lebanon.”


Dr. Lena Dada, President of the Ajialouna Association, reiterated the importance of the Tomooh program and its positive impact throughout the years. She urged other private companies to do the same, as she commended PepsiCo’s initiative to empower disadvantaged Lebanese youths.



PepsiCo is committed to « Performance with Purpose” through which the company maintains support to local societies and invests in them. Tomooh- Saad Abdel Latif is one of PepsiCo’s many social responsibility projects that supports the society through education in Lebanon, relying on the principle of equal opportunities to all the eligible students in order to enable the youth who are facing economic challenges to continue their journey towards knowledge and to make their dreams come true despite the obstacles, thus enabling them to become productive members of the society. It is worth mentioning that with the closure of the thirteenth year of Tomooh’s Program, the program secured over 3000 university scholarships to outstanding students from different Lebanese regions suffering from financial difficulties.


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