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Varicocele is the one of the leading medical conditions that causes male infertility

Infertility has traditionally been linked as a woman’s issue. However, failure to conceive can also be due to fertility issues in male partners. Studies suggest that a male related factors accounts for approximately 40percent of all infertility cases. While there are several reasons that can affect a man’s fertility, varicocele is also a very common condition today.

Varicocele is an unusual enlargement of the veins that drain the deoxygenated blood from the testes. It is more common in the left side but also possibly found on both sides of the scrotum, and very rarely only on the right side. Similar to varicose veins, which occur in the legs, a varicocele causes blood to pool in the area leading to swelling, testicular shrinking, infertility and sometimes pain.

A varicocele is a common condition that affects a man’s fertility. The condition can not only lower the sperm count, but may cause low testosterone levels in the testicles, which could lead to lower fertility. While such patients experience discomfort and pain, surgical remedies like varicocelectomy might relieve them of the symptoms but not necessary cure infertility. Even after surgery, such patients are unable to conceive naturally and hence must see an infertility specialized centre like IVI Fertility to realize their dream of fatherhood.

At IVI, we often recommend patients to undergo a thorough examination to identify this condition, As well as suggest treatments to solve the fertility problem when the number and/or quality of the sperms are impaired. If the male factor is severe, we can provide treatments to obtain the sperms directly from the testicle, such as FNA, PESA, TESE, MICRO-TESE, followed by ICSI/IVF to help combat infertility due to varicocele,” said Dr Laura Melado, IVF Specialist, IVI Middle East Fertility Clinic, Abu Dhabi.

Varicocele can be found in 15 percent of the adult male population and is more common in males who are overweight. It has been noted that in couples who have successfully had a child, but are having a difficult time conceiving a second time, the varicocele infertility rate has been found to be as high as 81 percent.

“While there is no accurate reason as to what causes varicocele, it is certainly not a genetic condition. The condition often begins at adolescenceand can happen as a result of trauma. Most men aren’t aware of a varicocele until they experience fertility problems. However, if they experience a feeling of heaviness in the testicle, especially after exercise or a swelling or mass in the scrotum, or one testicle noticeably smaller than the other, it is suggested that they consult a medical expert to treat the condition in time to avoid infertility problems,” added Dr. Laura Melado.

With an excellent team of over 1,000 doctors IVI delivers a success rate of over 70 percent, the highest in the region. IVI Fertility has three clinics in the Middle East – Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Muscat, which strive to offer patients fertility treatments that are honest, transparent and customised to their medical conditions coupled with the best clinical practices.

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