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VHERNIER is announcing great news for its Dubai store: the flagship boutique of the brand in the UAE has moved from the Emirates Towers to the new prestigious wing of The Dubai Mall, one of the most coveted international luxury shopping addresses.

The new store is one of the fifteen monobrand boutiques of the Italian brand, famous for its out-of-the-ordinary jewellery, characterised by its clean lines and large volumes that recall modern art sculptures.


The inside is composed of a main room and a private area; the furnishings in bleached oak, leather, and Loro Piana fabric in coral tones, in line with the philosophy of the brand that prefers noble and natural materials. An inescapable detail is the store architecture’s references to two iconic VHERNIER pieces: the Palloncino (Balloon) and the Granchio (Crab). A macro version of the Palloncino earrings actually adorns the store windows, while the shape of the Granchio brooch are reproduced on the store’s elegant doorknob.

With a layout that shows its desire to be unique, with its use of materials, colours and in its store layout, VHERNIER boutiques want to be different from usual luxury boutiques: highly contemporary, they are designed to reflect the brand’s identity and to showcase the jewellery with a strong consistency in style.

Inside, we’ll find the classical VHERNIER pieces: sculptural forms in soft hues of rose gold, among the distinguishing signs of the brand; the famous “Trasparenze” used for rings, brooches, and earrings, for which a dance of beautiful overlapping stones give the jewels extraordinary light; the Sorpresa line, consisting of bracelets that hide, at first glance, their pavé diamonds and tell the story of the understated elegance of the brand; the luminous full-pavé pieces, crafted with the most beautiful diamonds offered on the market: using two-point settings, Vhernier transforms little diamonds into a soft carpet of light. And the Blue Velvet, VHERNIER ’s latest fine jewellery creation consisting of waves in coloured titanium and diamonds: a line that epitomises VHERNIER’s exceptionally bold and creative flair. It’s a parade of best-sellers to which is added the special version of the Freccia line, developed exclusively for the new boutique in Dubai.


VHERNIER is famous for the beauty and originality of its jewels. And also for the amazing skill of its artisans, all based in Valenza, northern Italy, the area par excellence in jewellery creation. These craftsmen can create wonders of engineering and precision. Such as, for example, the perfect gold fusion process achieved for larger-than- usual surfaces, which form into bright and perfect mirror-like pieces. Or the stone cutting process: rather than be purchased already cut – as happens for most houses – the stones Vhernier uses, which must possess characteristics of colour, transparency and extraordinary purity much above average, are always expressly cut from the rough by highly skilled artisans, to adapt harmoniously to the House’s jewellery design.



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