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Virgin Megastore Inaugurated its ABC Verdun Branch with an Extravagant Ceremony!

From the heart of Lebanon’s capital Beirut, Virgin Megastore chain opened its new branch in ABC-Verdun mall in an extravagant celebration in the presence of prominent bloggers and social media influencers. The new branch aims at providing innovative electronic products that meet the aspirations of all Lebanese shoppers, specifically the new generation.

The third floor of the mall was crowded with hundreds of attendees who clustered from various Lebanese regions to participate in the contest held by Virgin Megastore. The competition offered ravishing prizes that included IPhone X, a robot and many other instant valuable prizes, in addition to 10% discount on all products offered to contestants.

The attendees were fascinated by the contemporary lighting, under the majestic cosmic domes that depicted the grandeur of a unique mesmerizing experience in the space world. At 7:00 pm the crowds gathered in a breathtaking atmosphere as they lingered the curtain opening, and the inauguration of the new concept store was announced.

The new branch, which is distinguished by its modern taste, allows shoppers to discover the innovative diversity of smartphones and smart pads, laptops, as well as a wide range of books, games and accessories. It’s worth mentioning that Verdun’s store is the only branch that offers a unique variety of home décor items (Contemporary home appliances, kitchen appliances, home accessories) through which customers will be able to live a pleasant shopping experience, as it gives them the opportunity to try the product and get an up-close look at its features.

Whether you are looking for music, movies, games, or pop stars items, Virgin Megastore is your one-stop destination for all your entertainment needs. Virgin Megastore has created a whole new dimension in entertainment by catering to local cultures through various events and activities it takes part in, making it the innovative entertainment destination for those looking for all that is new in the world of entertainment and advanced technology.

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