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Virgin Megastore Launches a Book Drive to Support Al Alb Kafra Organization

Virgin Megastore, the global leader in retail entertainment, announced the launch of a book drive to collect books and publications in favor of Al Alb Kafra organization, to supply a public library that the group is establishing in the southern town.

Virgin Megastore has announced the launch of the campaign in all its branches through which its community can donate new and used books to support “Al Alb Kafra”. The organization is a group of young people from Kafra (South Lebanon) whose common aim is the betterment of the local community. They are currently working on inaugurating a public library where all interested and underprivileged individuals can have access to a variety of books and publications.

“Through this initiative, Virgin Megastore aims to encourage young people to adopt positive and constructive attitudes towards society, and Al Alb Kafra Group represents a segment of these young people. We also aim at spreading knowledge and community awareness through involving Virgin Megastore community in this campaign and creating enthusiasm in them to engage in philanthropy and support creative youth initiatives.” Said Mrs. Maya Saab, Marketing Manager at Virgin Megastore.

It’s worth mentioning that Virgin Megastore has created a whole new dimension in consumer experience by catering to local cultures through various events and activities that it initiates or supports. It is a combination of the Virgin Megastores entertainment experience with the talents of the communities in which it is active in retail.


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