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Zayed Book Award Longlist Announced for Literary Studies (2018-2019)

The Sheikh Zayed Book Award (SZBA) today announced its longlist for “Literary and Art Criticism”, selecting nine titles out of 151 nominations received in the category.

The category longlist includes the following titles:

  1.  ‘Al Khetab Tholathy A Ab’aad: Derasat Fe Al Adab Al Mo’aser’ (Three-dimensional discourse in Contemporary literature) by academic Dr. Samar Al Dayyoub (2017) published by Department of Culture – Sharjah
  2. Al Nazarya Al Simya’eia Men Al A’lama Ela Al Khetab’ (Semiotic Theory) by scholar Prof. Dr. Ahmed Youcef (2018) published by King Saud University
  3. Sena’at Al Nuqood Bi Afriqya Khelal Al Ahd Al Ziri’ (Making Money in Africa during the Zairian Period), by scholar Mohamed Al-Ghadban, published by Regroupement Latrach des Livres Spécialisés (2018)
  4.  ‘Al Naqd Al Hadary Lel Khetab’ (The cultural critique of discourse) by scholar Prof. Dr. Abdel Fattah Ahmed Youssef, published by Editions Ibn Nadim Publishing & Distribution/ Dar Rawafed (2017)
  5. Al She’r Al ‘Arabi: Qasidat Al Nathr’ (Contemporary Arabic Poetry – the prose) by scholar Dr. Charbel Dagher, published by Al Maaref Forum (2018)
  6. ‘Awlad Haretna’ (Children of our neighborhood: the biography of the forbidden novel) by scholar Mohamed Shoair, published by ElAin Publishing (2018)
  7.  ‘Al Khetab Wal Ma’arefa’ (Speech and knowledge: The journey from the perspective of anthropological narratives) by academic Ibrahim Al Hajari, published by Le Centre Culturel Arabe (2016)
  8. Al Khetab Al Naqdy Wal Torath Wal Ta’weel’ (Critical discourse; heritage and interpretation) by academic Dr. Mohamed Abdul Basset Eid, published by Arab Diffusion Company (2017)
  9. Ketabat Al Qatl Fi Al Adab Al Arabi Al Qadeem’ (Writing about Crime  in Ancient Arabic Literature) by academic Dr. Amna Al Rumaili, published by Zeyneb Edition for Publishing & Distribution (2018)

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