10 Interior Décor Tips for Diwali

Diwali – festival of light and colors – is just round the corner. Most of us look forward to the Diwali every year and customarily decorate our homes with traditional diyas or candles to light up the home.

Most of us can be forgiven for turning this annual activity into a showcase of who can put together the most dazzling celebration that befits this auspicious festival.

So, in order to make this year’s Diwali unforgettable you definitely need some good ideas on how you can create a magical festive mood. These interior decor tips by award winning Interior Designer, Sharon Jutla, will do the trick!

  1. Garden Lighting

You will have guests coming over to celebrate this festival with your family. Garden lighting is a good way of enhancing the merry mood by making your guests feel welcomed. There are various types of garden lighting available to suit your style.

  1. Flowers

Flowers in a beautiful vase can transform your space. They will bring a fresh and festive feel. Come up with versatile ideas of placing the flowers at different points. It does not have to be always on the tables. You can place them at the entrance and around Diyas for a magical touch.

  1. Rangoli

This traditional drawing adds authenticity to the festival. It is an integral component at the door footstep. They use cereals, vibrant colors, and flowers to create the Rangoli drawing. Alternatively, you can use Rangoli stickers if you are not good at art.

  1. Candles

There is a broad range of candles to experiment with. You can opt for colorful and scented candles to add to the festive feel. Alternatively, you can get a colorful candle holder. Flowers, holders, and ribbons can be used around the candle to give it a beautiful finishing.

  1. Colorful Throw Pillows

You might feel like your living room area is too plain for Diwali. Throw pillows are an easy and fast way to brighten your space especially if you have plain furniture. You can compliment them with colorful curtain sheers to allow more light in the room.

  1. Decorative Lamps

Decorative lanterns and lamps provide a superb layer of lighting for your space. You can place them on a stand, table or hang them. Select a design that matches your theme to catch the eye of your guests.

  1. Colorful and Classic Chandelier

Chandeliers are an exquisite interior décor design suitable for any festival. You can invest in a good one that can be used even after the festival. You can opt for gold or silver for a minimal style if everything else in the space is colorful.

  1. Table Decor

Club interesting and unusual elements and accessories together to decorate the center table in your living room. Experiment with bold and contrast color combinations or textures. The center table is one of the most important as it is surrounded by sofas and couches for your guests. Add elements that are personal to you and show your personality to make a statement.

  1. Beads and Pearls

These do not have to always be won on the neck and wrists. You can get creative ideas of hanging the beads and pearls along the entrance, on vessels and in the pooja room.

  1. Contemporary Styled Glass Lanterns

Glass-bottles or jars can be reused perfectly to create wonderful accessories for your home. Use empty wine bottles or maison jars and fill them with tea candles or fairy lights and voila! They are the perfect diwali accessory to add an element of light and color

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