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212 VIP Party Fever Limited Edition 2018

The Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Party Universe Gets Louder with 212 VIP Party Fever.

212 Party Fever, a limited edition of two energetic perfumes, 212 VIP Party Fever for women and 212 VIP Men Party Fever, lifts the party to new limits.


New York City. The latest 212 VIP Party Fever limited edition by Carolina Herrera celebrates a new kind of party where the crowd grooves to the beat and the dance floor heaves like never before. Carefree and mesmeric, the collection developed by Carolina Herrera de Baez, Creative Director of Carolina Herrera Fragrances, embodies the effervescent scent of a summer night.


“Sunny days and longer nights inspire a limited edition that celebrates good times and those never-ending nights whose memories last a lifetime.”

Carolina Herrera de Baez

Wherever the party leads, the 212 VIP Party Fever follows. Spontaneous and cheerful, this refreshing ocean blast is always on the list. Its heart features aquatic aromas of boundless summer parties; gorgeous, sophisticated, and lasting. A delightful on-beat spell of Lychee liqueur and Salty Musk. 212 VIP Party Fever is a fruitier 212 VIP Party living a relentless celebration.

212 VIP Men Party Fever has the confident energy to own the night. A liberating Citrus Cocktail that makes the summer twilights longer, the drinks colder, and the aura of the wearer, brighter. This energizing potion of pulsing Ginger & burning flowers is ready to party harder. 212 VIP Men Party Fever is a seductively masculine combination of Cedarwood and Musk filled with spicy energy mellowed by an herbaceous Cannabis Accord that hints a risky edge.


This collection of bottled craft cocktails wrapped in woods celebrate haute sophistication and carefreeness, turning 212 VIP Party Fever in the limited edition that encapsulates summer party in a brilliantly subversive Carolina Herrera creation.


212 VIP Party Fever limited edition comes encased in two chameleonic bottles. The silhouette of new 212 VIP Men Party Fever is modified with an iridescent chrome effect; a psychedelic appearance reflective of

the effervescent fragrance of a summer night. While its feminine counterpart is wrapped in a multicolored rounded bottle; stunning and unexpected at once, rewriting the rules in spontaneity and craziness inside-out.


The flowing colors of 212 Party Fever for women and 212 VIP Men Party Fever breath novelty blending in the same way the sunset merges with the night as one owns the party from start to finish.




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