5 Superfood that will boost your brain power. India Gate

When you think of food the few words that come to your mind instantly are weight, fat, calories and other similar attributes related to your body. Over the years a lot has been said about food you should eat and not eat, healthy eating, its effect on your body, how it helps you keep fit etc. While watching the food you eat is essential to remain physically fit, here is some food for thought.

Considering the hectic lifestyle we live and the daily stress we undergo, the brain also requires the right nutrients and food boost to keep it going. You may have noticed that there are days you just don’t feel ‘on top of your game’, or cannot concentrate on work. This is most likely because your brain is drained out of vital nutrients. The brain controls a large number of functions on a daily basis and therefore, like the body, needs right nutrients to make it work efficiently.

While, you may have probably heard of common “brain foods” like pomegranates, blueberries, dark chocolate and nuts – there are many other foods that offer a number of brain-boosting powers.

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