A colossal leap in the technology scene in Lebanon

During the past few years, Lebanon has been witnessing remarkable advancements in technology thanks to more investments allocated to honor commitments and ensure Lebanon is within the fast technology pace.

Today, one of the main questions that intrigue the public is: How did tech advancement help local retail stores?

Mr. Raed Fakhreddine, owner of Citycom mobile phones store that first opened its doors in 2000 in Tripoli and a leading businessman in the mobile distribution industry in Lebanon with over 15 years of experience, shares his insight on this topic stating:

“Today, the swift proliferation and use of smart technologies has become widely accepted by all parts of society. Although it’s all started predominantly as a trend amongst the youngsters, today, almost all age groups have turned more tech and internet-savvy. We are happy to see that the Lebanese market has been responsive to this smart technology progression. Day by day, smartphone fanatics are increasing, curiosity and knowledge in tech have become a must”.

He adds: “This tech scene has largely affected retail mobile stores and it only brings more joy to see that this arena is more familiar with our target audience. One of the significant drivers in retail is an increasing demand for a seamless experience between online, mobile and in-store shopping. The creation of a broader customer experience is asserted to be one of the pivotal objectives in the retail environment. It is the retail store’s duty to cater to the upgraded needs observed in the market.”


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