A journey through Arab heritage and civilization in Souk Okaz


When we talk about the Land of Civilizations, then your thoughts turn to history, literature and poetry, and all of these are available at Souk Okaz. The journey begins when you enter through the main gate, overlooking the Square of Knights. The market has a completely new look this year, with an integrated village equipped with services, restaurants and cafés, a horse track and a horse training arena, where visitors of all ages can receive training – as well as horse shows, competitions, poetry competitions, and fireworks.

Visitors will see spectacles on every side: from the Square of Knights, to poets holding eloquent dialogues, and Okaz boys on their famous rock enthusiastically watching the visitors. Across Okaz Avenue, you can see caravans, “duels” and poetic plays that offer interesting images in artistic, entertaining and educational formats at the same time. You can also travel to a range of Arab countries in the “Neighbourhood of Arabs” and learm more about their culture and civilizations by experiencing live shows, visiting markets, cafés and restaurants, and sampling their most popular produce.

The heritage market embodies sensual and visual pleasure in a beautiful co-existence with the past, through the acquisition of the most beautiful products, pottery, glassware, and traditional clothing. Visitors can enjoy watching camels and horses passing through in a live depiction of the market in pre-Islamic times.

After a while, you will be convinced that one day is not enough to see everything, as you experience the number of events and activities, which are characterized by creativity and innovation, and offer both fun and information, and entertainment with education.


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