A Journey Toward Creativity and Innovation with Quality Events in the Village of Roses

Throughout the inaugural Taif Season, the Village of Roses has presented a range of quality events and activities focused on the abundance of natural products that distinguish the tourist city, the most important of which are its roses.

In the famous Al-Radf Park, which hosts the Village of Roses, visitors get to learn everything about roses: embarking on a fascinating journey within the delightful area, which combines information and pleasure, to learn about the different stages of picking, distillation and manufacturing of one of the most famous and expensive perfumes in the world. The village contains workshops, a museum, shop, market, and a laboratory, and visitors can also vote in the ‘Perfume of the Season’ competition.

Visitors to the Village of Roses also get to enjoy the fragrance and colors of roses through musical and creative events, such as the Rose Parade, Rose Circus and Rose Orchestra. The excitement increases, with the Village of Roses also hosting popular activities taking place in the Adrenaline Event, with international amusement parks and fireworks displays.

The Village of Roses is one of four key areas hosting events for the Taif Season, with the Souk Okaz highlighting historical and cultural activities, while visitors can also find adventure in the Al-Hada and Al-Shafa heights. All these activities highlight that Taif has regained its position as one of the most important Arab tourist destinations.

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