The Malt Gallery, Lebanon’s largest liquid library, has launched The Malt Gallery Experience, a new concept in the heart of Naccache. As the name indicates, when you walk through the doors an unforgettable experience awaits, merging the worlds of spirits and dining.

Explore an expanded liquid library with over 3,000 bottles carrying the widest choice of whiskies and malts, wines, artisanal rums, cognacs, armagnacs, vodkas, gins, and House of Tequila by The Malt Gallery which carries the biggest selection of tequilas and mezcals. Indulge in a delicious international menu by renowned chef Tarek Alameddine that is sure to satisfy any craving. Enjoy the wide variety of cocktails catered by Walid Merhi, that will add a twist to your evening.

The Malt Gallery Experience introduces a truly unique concept ‘Let’s Gather in Good Spirits’. Whether you are in the mood for dinner and drinks, afternoon cocktails and catch-up sessions with friends, adding new items to your bar, or just exploring; The Malt Gallery Experience is your ideal destination.

Commenting on the occasion, Anthony Massoud, CEO of Etablissements Antoine Massoud (EAM) founders of The Malt Gallery, stated: “The Malt Gallery has surely come a long way since the launch in 2014. Proudly opening our 4th physical boutique in addition to having thriving online boutique, I am very excited to share this new concept with the Lebanese market. Afterall, spirits and food go hand in hand and when you bring them together in such a beautiful way, it only makes the experience more memorable.”


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