AAAASF implemented COVID-19 Checklist for Surgery Facilities

The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) remains committed to quality care and patient safety, especially in times of crisis. During the COVID-19 pandemic, AAAASF has worked tirelessly to keep facilities up to date with the most current information. AAAASF Executive Director, Thomas S. Terranova said ”We have implemented tools and gathered resources so our accredited facilities can make the best-informed choices possible, as surgery facilities begin to reopen, AAAASF is ready to assist accredited facilities in ensuring that clinic operations are carried out in the safest manner possible.”


Mr. Thomas added “AAAASF has developed an approach that facilities can use in order to achieve the most efficient path to reopening. A comprehensive checklist has been created that can be used to ensure no critical steps are missed during the reopening phase. It also includes information related to current clinical data and resources to assist you along the way. The checklist that was developed by our leading clinicians includes activities to consider along a phased-in timeline. This timeline includes activities that you should consider beginning right away, others that should be started at least two weeks prior to your anticipated reopening, and final tasks for the days just preceding the reopening.”


General categories included in this checklist include:

  • Updating policies and procedures relative to COVID-19, including infection control and screening for all staff, patients and visitors;
  • Terminal cleaning and sanitizing the entire facility prior to treating patients;
  • Inventory of supplies and medications to assure availability of PPE, surgical supplies and medication, including those required to respond to emergencies and to ensure any outdated supplies and medications have been replaced;
  • Equipment checks, maintenance, and any needed re-calibration to assure proper functioning;
  • Evaluating revised patient screening activities and flow through your facility; and,
  • Educating staff on any changes implemented in response to the pandemic.

Please visit the AAAASF website to download the full checklist to help proactively deal with the many issues that may arise upon reopening. [Tony – please link to this page:]




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