AAAASF sets high standards for performance and patient care

Since May 2019, the Dubai Health Authority has made it mandatory for all Day Surgical Centers to achieve international accreditation. The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) has been named as an approved accreditation agency by the DHA, and they have been actively supporting centres in Dubai to raise their standards and comply with the accreditation standards.

One of the most important elements that AAAASF measures is physician performance, as that ultimately reflects on the care provided to patients. With the goal of promoting patient safety, the AAAASF requires facilities it accredits to employ quality measurement tools to assess physician performance.

These tools and processes allow facilities to identify areas of possible improvement, and set and implement actionable steps to enhance facility performance across the quality measures. The end result is better care for patients and a higher standard of healthcare in the city.

AAAASF strives for the highest standards of excellence for its facilities by regularly updating its requirements for patient safety and quality of care, while requiring facilities to continually self-assess and evolve. Facility quality improvement plans must include identifying and correcting deficiencies cited during the facility’s annual inspection. This shows that the facility is taking their feedback into account.

AAAASF also requires facilities to collect and report on patient safety data from a number of cases each quarter, and mandates facility meetings to peer review cases throughout the year.

Through these measures, AAAASF aims to improve the performance and quality of the facilities it accredits, while also ensuring the standards are maintained.

AAAASF was established in 1980 to standardise and improve the quality of health care in outpatient facilities. AAAASF accredits thousands of facilities world-wide, making it one of the largest, not-for-profit, out-patient accrediting organisations. Physicians, clinicians, legislators, state/federal health agencies, and patients acknowledge that AAAASF sets the ‘Gold Standard in Accreditation’.


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