ABCC closely monitoring COVID-19 developments to ensure smooth trade activities between Brazil and Arab states

Following Brazil’s move to classify the issuance of the international zoo sanitary certification as an essential public service in line with its new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) preventive measures, the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) recently assured that it is keeping track of any development that may impact the trade activities between the country and the Arab states in the middle of the global health crisis.

Rubens Hannun, President of Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, said: “To help ensure smooth flow of goods despite the challenges brought about by COVID-19, we have already gotten in touch with relevant authorities in Brazil and Arab countries – and we will remain to do so in the coming months – to ascertain and minimize any potential impact of the disease on trade flows, especially concerning key export items.”

“Through our collaboration, we aim to seek out feasible solutions to existing problems and those that may arise as we continue to navigate through this situation. We assure everyone concerned that all parties have been closely cooperating to further strengthen trade mechanisms and reaffirm our commitment to overcome the outbreak,” he stated.

ABCC made the statement after Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture had declared as “essential public services” all activities related to zoo sanitary, phytosanitary and plant pest and animal disease prevention, control, and eradication as part of the country’s COVID-19 measures.

Meanwhile, the poultry, egg, and pork industries in Brazil have guaranteed continuous food exports to the Arab world amid the stringent measures being put in place by the government to contain the spread of the disease. BRF, the biggest poultry exporting company in the globe and which owns a processing plant in Abu Dhabi, assured uninterrupted shipment of its products to its partners in the region while complying with relevant health safety policies and regulations.

Brazil’s total trade with the Arab world has more than doubled over the past 10 years, with both parties expressing their commitment to bolstering further their trade relations in the coming years.

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