Abu Dhabi announces Moving Image Programme at the Cultural Foundation

The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) is launching the Moving Image Programme, a year-round initiative which will take place at the Cultural Foundation. The new programme will launch on February 22 and highlight the significance of film and rekindle the nostalgia of watching a film at the iconic, city-centre location.

“At DCT Abu Dhabi, we are committed to fostering the arts and culture scene in the capital, where the role of cinema is vital to the cultural ecosystem that reflects profound views of our surroundings. By introducing the Moving Image Programme at the Cultural Foundation, we hope to recreate a platform for the community to interact and learn more about the art of film in a place where film has played a key part in its history,” said Reem Fadda, Director of the Cultural Foundation, from DCT Abu Dhabi.  “The Cultural Foundation once represented a reputable space for watching films, and holding competitions, festivals and events that promoted the Seventh Art. We are incredibly excited for the return of these programmes that will present a chance for people to appreciate the wonders and variety of world cinema”.

The Moving Image Programme, which was developed in collaboration with Emirati film director Nawaf Al Janahi, will see regular monthly film screenings covering multitude of genres, showcasing contemporary films, Arab and World Cinema, Independent offerings and non-mainstream movies. The programme will also be showing films from the film festival circuit.

The first three films to be shown are Sharp Tools by Emirati Nujoom Alghanem; It Must Be Heaven by Palestinian director Elia Suleiman and You Will Die at Twenty by Sudanese director Amjad Abu Alala.

Sharp Tools (February 22) will present viewers with the story of artist Hassan Sharif and his revolutionary work in the UAE’s conceptual art movement. The film will cover his philosophy and dive deeper into his work.

It Must be Heaven (March 20) will take audiences on a journey from Nazareth to Paris to New York, as the Palestinian filmmaker spots the unexpected similarities between his homeland Palestine and elsewhere.


You Will Die at Twenty (March 27) will follow the story of Muzamil, whom after his birth, was predicted to die at the age of 20. Raised by an overly-protective single mother, the film will show the day Muzamil turns 19.

Running alongside the film screenings at the Cultural Foundation, the Moving Image Programme will also introduce workshops and masterclasses providing film education for all ages and expertise levels. Other offerings at the Cultural Foundation for adults and children include performing arts, the Children’s Library, regular exhibitions and educational classes in art and calligraphy.

All film screenings start at 7pm, for tickets more information please visit: www.culturalfoundation.ae/calendar

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