Abu Dhabi residents confident their business will be back on solid footing in 2020 despite COVID-19

As Abu Dhabi residents adapt to the impact of COVID-19 on business and employment, many appear optimistic about their personal situation, according to survey results released by The Department of Community Development (DCD) in Abu Dhabi.


In a survey of over 8,000 residents, 76% of respondents feel the aftermath of COVID-19 will continue to be felt, however 59% are confident that their business will be back on solid footing before the end of 2020.  And while people are concerned about rising unemployment (73% believe that the unemployment rate will rise) on a personal level, 78% of the participants are optimistic about their own job security, with 68% believing that their income, post-COVID-19, will remain unaffected.  Loss of income was ranked lowest among people’s on-going concerns, below the health risk to themselves and their families and a possible return of the virus.


The data is drawn from the ‘Life After COVID-19’ study, recently launched by The Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi and the Statistic Center of Abu Dhabi (SCAD), to examine perceptions of how life will be changed by the pandemic.  The survey is designed to help guide policy-making, overcome the challenges of COVID-19 and improve the quality of life for UAE residents.  Survey responses were gathered from 8,804 people, 41% male and 59% females.


The survey also suggests changing attitudes towards working practices. 69% feel home-working will become more prevalent, with 43% preferring to work remotely, primarily due to the desire to continue to reduce health risks due to COVID-19.  83% of Abu Dhabi residents feel that the post-COVID environment will create opportunity for businesses to be more innovative and find new creative ways of doing business, with the same proportion saying that more businesses move online.

Dr Muna Al Bahar, Advisor of Chairman said, “This insight is crucial to our understanding of the current situation and how people’s perception of the future are changing. This survey will play an important role in helping us support governmental bodies and authorities to develop innovative solutions to cope with life after COVID-19.”

“While there is inevitably concern, it is promising to see signs of optimism too, with many people feeling that businesses are well positioned to innovate and change and feeling optimistic about their own career situation.”

Dr Muna added, “The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted economies worldwide, but the UAE government is employing all its efforts to mitigate the impact of this global pandemic on Nation’s people and businesses.”

A previous survey launched by The Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi April, found that 93% of private sector employees and business owners have confidence in the UAE Government to handle COVID-19, with almost all of the respondents agreeing that communities and individuals must work collaboratively with the UAE government to combat the pandemic and provide a secure environment.

All individual information provided will remain strictly confidential. The Department encourages residents to continue to participate in these surveys to help UAE authorities take the necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of the people of the UAE at this challenging time.

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