ADDED conducts 28,993 inspection & supervisory visits in Q3 2019

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) revealed that it conducted a total of 28,993 inspections and supervisory visits to commercial facilities and outlets located within three regions in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi during the third quarter (Q3) of 2019. The move forms part of ADDED’s efforts to combat commercial fraud and curb violations of commercial activity guidelines and regulations in the emirate. During the inspections, 17,000 counterfeit products were confiscated, and 514 warnings were issued to commercial establishments.

H.E. Hamad Abdullah Almass, Executive Director of International Economic Relations at ADDED, said that the report issued by the Commercial Protection Division reflects ADDED’s commitment to protect consumers and trademark owners from commercial fraud and tackle the sale of counterfeit products, thereby contributing to establishing an attractive business environment in the emirate.

H.E. Almass pointed out that the inspection visits carried out by the Department reflect its keenness to further enhance the commercial and business environment in Abu Dhabi and to support entrepreneurship and business activities, with an aim to ensure the business sector’s competitiveness and sustainability. Such initiatives also add immense value to ADDED’s consumer protection efforts, by monitoring and tackling all violations on the regulations and conditions related to commercial activities.

According to the report, 17,002 counterfeit products were seized in Abu Dhabi during Q3 2019, compared to 68,103 items seized during the same period in 2018. The results are indicative of the success of the Department’s efforts to curb commercial practices that violate regulations and conditions of doing business in the emirate and to protect intellectual property rights.

The Q3 report further revealed the issuance of 514 warnings in response to 1,595 consumer complaints received by ADDED against commercial facilities, compared to 1,560 complaints received during the same period last year.

H.E Hamad Abdullah Almass added that the results indicate the success of ADDED’s efforts to protect consumers and monitor economic and commercial violations in local markets. In fact, the rising numbers of complaints is an evidence of consumers’ rising confidence in the Department’s prominent role in combating commercial fraud practices and safeguarding investors’ rights.

The Q3 2019 commercial activity report stated that ADDED conducted 470 field inspection visits compared to 324 visits in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra during the same period in 2018. The significant increase in the number of visits reflects the Department’s efforts to strengthen monitoring and inspection processes on commercial facilities; to ensure their compliance with regulatory requirements and to prevent commercial irregularities, thereby sparing no effort in the protection of consumer and intellectual property rights.

Furthermore, the report further revealed that ADDED has performed 16 field inspections on commercial activities to check expired licenses; and has carried out inspections on commercial villas including but not limited to beauty salons, coffee shops, internet cafes, and cinemas in addition to inspections to follow up the issuance of promotion and sale permits. Besides, yet another set of inspection visits was conducted targeting tobacco shops and many similar establishments. These field inspections covered three areas of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

According to the report, 718 warnings were issued to establishments and facilities that violated the regulations and failed to comply with the standards and requirements of doing business in Abu Dhabi, out of which 368 are in Abu Dhabi, 282 in Al Ain city and 68 in Al Ain region.

In addition, 13,081 site monitoring visits were conducted in Abu Dhabi, 5,250 in Al Dhafra and 10,662 in Al Ain. Moreover, complaints received by the Department during Q3 2019 comprised 1,173 complaints from Abu Dhabi region, 10 from Al Dhafra and 412 in Al Ain. As part of the inspections, 50 commercial facilities in violation of regulations were shut down, 47 of which are in Abu Dhabi, one in Al Dhafra and two in Al Ain.

H.E. Hamad Abdullah Almass emphasized ADDED’s commitment to continuously strengthening its monitoring and supervisory role to ensure the competitiveness of Abu Dhabi’s business sector and to encourage all companies and business owners to conduct operations in compliance with the set rules and regulations. The Department continues its endeavors to establish an attractive business environment for investments in the emirate, thereby contributing to sustainable and economic development of the UAE, he concluded.

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